So, your appetite for musically-useful widgets to run on Dashboard (OS X Tiger only) and Konfabulator (Mac/Windows) still isn’t satisfied? Fear not: Adrian Anders writes in with four more, all for Konfabulator — so Windows users aren’t left out of the fun. (All these widgets are cross-platform.)

Guitar Tuner: Nice graphics and both standard and drop-D tuning (though no tuning meter — you’re on your own for that)

Beat Meter: Ugly as sin, but you can tap tempo or set a metronome marking

iSpeak: Text-to-speech conversion for when you’re in a Radiohead OK Computer mood.

Scratchpad: Looks like a turntable and makes scratching sounds! Nifty! So, uh, why is there a debate in comments about whether this was “useful”? Guess that’s a matter of opinion. I find my magic 8-ball useful.

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