The musical widget madness continues. powermac99 from iCompositions points out his Dashboard Widgets site. Like Apple’s, it’s beautifully organized and easy to navigate — too bad Konfabulator’s site is overwhelming. (Maybe that’ll change with Yahoo.)

I’ve been hunting around that site finding still more widgets:

CountBPM is my favorite BPM counter yet: click or keyboard input tap tempo, and you can view lots of data to help you accurately guess the tempo.

Digidesign Widget lets you search both Digidesign and for products and tech info.

Piano isn’t just a keyboard widget. It supports QuickTime synths, QWERTY and mouse input, configurable velocity, and lots more. Useful for plunking on the road.

SoundVolume is a volume widget, and it looks kinda like the faders on my Mackie.

KrispyKreme, while not strictly music-themed, keeps my blood-sugar level safe. Now if it could only tell me when the doughnuts are hot.

Maybe we should create a CDM widget after all. It can’t just search CDM, though: it needs to count BPM, tune your guitar, and check your record sales at the same time.