One audio app at once? Never enough, right? I’m working on a new tutorial with tips for setting up some typical ReWire scenarios. (For the unitiated, ReWire is a technology developed by Propellerhead for connecting multiple audio apps. Run a master app first, then launch the slave app, and the master should control transports while the slave feeds audio into the master app.)

Updated: I have resolved my issues with Logic Pro 7.1 + Reason 3.03 — well, sort of. ReWire configuration in Logic is really quite complex. I’m going to put together a new tutorial and template file, because what’s included with Logic is insufficient. Watch next week. In the meantime, would still love to know your experiences.

So here are my questions for you, readers:

1. Are you using ReWired apps? Which ones?

2. Having any trouble? Any tips that have fixed things in the past?

One general tip: reinstalling applications often seems to correct ReWire installations, or you can manually remove the ReWire support files (do a search on your HD for ReWire). Of course, the whole appeal is the system is supposed to work transparently. But let’s see if we can compile a new, up-to-date ReWiring guide. Look forward to hearing from you.