If you missed the evolving Dorkbot event in May, you missed some fantastic flourescent light bulb performance and djing with human bodies as electrical swithces. (The former I’ve heard done by a different artist; beautiful, wild sounds.)

You’ve got a second chance: Dorkbot is due again on the 2nd of October with bending circuits apparently the theme:

Dorkbot Tokyo Taking Off [English, WWMNA]
May Dorkbot coverage in Japanese: RealTokyo, RadioLife
May Dorkbot summary in English: Dorkbot.org, plus photos
Upcoming Event info [Japanese only, but hey, it is in Tokyo]

Tokyo correspondent wanted! Readers in Tokyo, want to keep us posted on music making there? I’d love to have a CDM Tokyo writer, even if just to send us some Dorkbot Tokyo pictures next month. Drop me a line.

What’s Dorkbot? Dorkbot is “people doing strange things with electricity”; it’s an event that was born here in NYC (at Columbia) but has now spread to many corners of the world. Check the international Dorkbot site, find a Dorkbot, go listen/see/present, and send photos and a few words = instant global fame on CDM. Even if you’re not in Tokyo.