The cel-shaded effect hipness from the gang at AudioDamage continues. First, the $39 Dubstation. (See previous coverage.) Now, an update to Fuzz+, a free fuzz box. What’s good here: simple controls (sigh of relief), and a bypass switch you can automate so you can use it stompbox style:

FuzzPlus 2 [Audio Damage, VST]

Music thing got to it before I did, tried it, and declared that it was good.

For even more anime-inflected hipness, check out their new robot t-shirt. Look out, though, guys, you might inspire Digidesign to create a new mascot, and then we’ll have a Warner Bros. vs. Disney-style smackdown.

For more free stuff: Free Retro/Tape Delay Effects (Windows VST; Mac AU)