On the CDM Grubby Hands Radar, we’re able to track what new stuff is getting into people’s hands. I mean, I know how much you guys enjoy reading the Harmony Central press release, but if you like using the stuff even better, we want to know when that box will arrive.

SONAR 5, the latest from the folks at Cakewalk, is here, says Eric Richmond:

“I think this is one of the best, if not the best update that Sonar has had. It really does fufill that “Logic”-like promise of having top-notch effects, instruments and sequencing all in one package. Aside from all the new goodies, the workflow enhancements are insane, tons of little things I’ve wanted for years.

Apparently Ron Kuper is going to be giving a talk at AES about 64-bit computing/mixing etc. Should be pretty cool!

For more on what’s new in SONAR, see my previous report. This is where I’d normally slam the Red Sox, Cakewalk being in Boston and especially with the big Yankees series coming up this weekend, but, uh, I’m too nervous. Plus I hear they may ban me from their party at the AES show next week if I say too much. Anyhoo, check out the PSYNII instrument added to the new version:

Grubby Hands Report — Vintage Edition! In other news, I just got my copy of Way Out Ware’s TimewARP ARP emulator. Watch for our upcoming ARP blowout — and email me if you have access to an original ARP 2600.