Korg’s previous Legacy Collection unearthed some of the music electronics giant’s back catalog in analog synths. But for many of us, Korg nostalgia means the M1 and Wavestation synths. The new Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition brings back those very synths, at a price that’s more than competitive with buying the original off eBay. US$199 ($99 if you’re already a Legacy Collection owner) buys you the M1, Wavestation, and the MDE-X effects (delay, EQ, etc.) from the original set.

Korg Legacy Collection – Digital Edition [Product page]
Legacy Goes Digital [Press Release]

Windows/Mac, AU, VST, and now for Pro Tools users, RTAS. Hook this up with the Korg Kontrol 49 keyboard, and you’ve got a pretty amazing computer-based setup. The Kontrol is automatically designed to interface with the software, even providing feedback on its LCD screens. I’ve been testing it this summer, and it feels great, complete with plenty of rotaries, faders, and pads for more control. More on that next week, Korg watchers.

(Hey, speaking of which — if you’re a REAL Korg nut, you’d better get the t-shirt. I’m still fond of my Alesis underoos and my Tascam tattoo . . .)