Want something to put on your sexy new iPod other than Madonna tunes? Podcasting continues to grow into a rich, independent channel of music, and a useful source of information for digital musicians. Here are a few recent favorites:

Auxar is a netlabel cum blog cum podcast, filled with dark, digital electronic music. And while the majors get cold feet about digital rights, it’s all Creative Commons — watch the indies jump to a commanding position in sharing actual music over podcasts (which seems to me a big part of the appeal.

Steve Cooley has a great sound blog / podcast thing going called Some Sounds We Like. Best of all, check out Episode 2, with lots of coverage of gear and tools including a full pocket music roundup (PSP, Palm, etc.). Excellent! See also the bonus track.

Online retailer AudioMIDI.com has jumped into the fray with a superb, highly professional podcast with gear news, interviews, and 60-second lessons. AudioMIDI’s Doug Edge writes us and says the podcast “covers recent product announcements and info on the latest
gear. The Podcast also features the Tutorial Minute, which covers examples and explanations on everything from creating a beat to basic sound design techniques. You will also find interviews with artists (like our recent interview with film composer Rob Simonsen), as well as the people that
create the gear you use everyday (like our interview with Line 6’s own Marcus Ryle).” Wow, it’s amazing what these people with real jobs can do — very cool. Though I certainly can’t teach anyone anything in a minute, more power to you. (Disclosure: AudioMIDI is a CDM advertiser.)

Got your own podcast, or one you like to listen to? As always, let us know!

For more great listening, don’t miss Cris ‘Atariboy’ and his epic series on indie music for CDM, Dithered is the New Blackpart 1, part 2, part 3. He promises he’ll be back soon with more.