Theremin fans, there’s no reason to sit at home with dusty records with plenty of new Theremin performance to hear:

Singapore’s Sheuh-li in Texas

Our friend Sheuh-li, Singapore’s grand diva of the Theremin, writes us to say her Xenovibes show has its last Texas performance Saturday October 1. (Flyer after the break or see her site.) I’ve never been to Richardson, Texas, but if you hail from there, cancel your Saturday night plans and go see what looks like a great show, featuring an e-drummer and more special guests. And let us know how it goes. (See my previous story on Sheuh-li.)

Hypnotique in UK; Downloadable Tribute to Moog

Sheuh-li I believe is looking for more bookings in the US on her tour. But maybe you’re booking a venue in the UK and want someone local. In that case, by all means give Miss Hypnotique a call. She’a a fantastic player, and looking for more bookings. A reader points to her this week, in case you missed her in our Theremin diva roundup.

Miss Hypnotique also produces a radio program called Switched On. Check out the Moog Memorial page for a tribute and extended interviews not only with Bob Moog, but Jean-Jacques Perrey, Gershon Kingsley, and Keith Emerson, to say nothing of part 2 with “classic to trashy” Moog-made music.

Theremins South of the Border

Sure, you think it’s impressive having just one great blog dedicated to the Theremin, like Theremin World. Brush up on your Spanish, and you can read not one but three Spanish-language Theremin blogs: Mi Theremin, Theremin Hispano, and El Theremin En México. Sure enough, it looks like México has a great scene going, both indigenous and with visitors like Peter Pringle.

Got more? Let us know. Now go out there — especially if you’re in Richardson this Saturday. Oh, and thanks to Google Maps I’ve now figured out that’s really close to Dallas.