Back in the day, indeed. Cynthia at Cyndustries (see previous post) has been busily uploading scanned back issues of vintage late-70s electronic music magazine Synergy. There’s tons of vintage Oberheim, Moog, ARP, Yamaha, Korg, EMS and other gear, of course. But you’ll also find some great music: Allen Strange, Eno, Larry Fast (on the brain today), DEVO, Moody Blues, Jan Hammer, plus “serious” composers like Stockhausen, Meredith Monk, and Terry Riley — even Craig Anderton’s music (as well as writing) makes an appearance. I could go on . . . Great stuff.

Synapse Magazine Back Issues (thanks, Lee, and Matrixsynth

Now if only someone would do this for the early back issues of Keyboard — sorry, make that Contemporary Keyboard. (FYI, this trippy image is an ad for the Korg VC-10 vocoder keyboard.)