I try to keep on top of all the trends, but some just seem to pass me by. Like the explosion in toaster music hardware.

Get LoFi gets the scoop on toaster synths, shown above, which is what you get when you cram a bunch of synth electronics into a toaster. Maybe all that extra wiring generates extra heat, because the toast gets a wee bit burned. (Get LoFi is a great circuit-bending blog, if you’re not in the know.)

Why let synthesists have all the fun when you can make a toaster amplifier for guitars? (Via Music thing.) Check out their site for some serious vintage toaster porn. It’s all about the options: red chrome with flames, tires, and apparently (as shown below), a flame-shooting option. Looks perfect for roasting up a NeKo keyboard.

And all I do with toasters is make crumpets.