Video iPods? Whatever. Pro users, as always, want faster machines. So a lot of us were disappointed to find out Wednesday’s announcement from Apple wasn’t a brand-spanking new PowerBook. (I got over it by watching some Desperate Housewives — ahem, on DVD. Remember those?)

Fortunately, this is Apple, and last Wednesday’s announcement is to be followed by a “Pro” media event this coming Wednesday. (See MacCentral.)

Now, I didn’t get an invitation, so I’m guessing this isn’t about Logic Pro 8 or the new Apple iOrgan or Apple iAccordion or anything music-related. Oh, yeah, and there’s the fact that the announcement comes on the eve of a big photo conference here in NYC.

You don’t need rumor sites to figure out new pro hardware may be in the cards. After all, Apple coupled last week’s iTunes/iPod announcement with a new iMac. So this week would be the perfect time for some photo announcement along with new PowerBooks and Power Macs. PowerBooks seem especially likely; the last PB update was in February and included relatively minor changes.’s Jason O’Grady seems dead-on for predictions, though I also like his PowerBook Nano fantasy on ZDNet.

Rumors aside, I hope Apple gives mobile Mac users some relief while they wait for the Intel transiion to happen. Apple’s current desktop machines are fantasic for audio — I dare you to find a realistic way to max out the dual 2.7 G5 top-of-the-line Power Mac with Logic. (Finally, a machine that lets me stack physical-modeled synths and convolution reverbs for no good reason!) But in the laptop space, Apple’s price/performance ratio has clearly sagged at the high end. Apple’s laptops remain wildly popular for mobile musicians, but I know a few Mac users wondering whether to go PC for their next purchase. Bet it wouldn’t take much for Cupertino to lure them back. Apple, it’s your move.