Earlier this week, I noted that a new feature of the second-generation NeKo keyboard is its ability to clone hardware. (Especially enjoy that picture of them cloning a Korg OASYS — guess you need to either sneak into Sam Ash or find a friend who has everything. Like Herbie Hancock.)

Anyway, if you want a software-only solution and don’t want to buy a NeKo, there’s SampleRobot, which just got a 1.5 upgrade this week. (See Harmony Central for the news release.) Now SampleRobot can even clone software virtual instruments (VST, DirectX), and in addition to HALion, VSampler, and SoundFonts, it can export to Reason’s NN-XT.

That’s all fine and well, of course, but I kind of like using the original instrument myself. Which brings us to my next question: I’ve had a number of people say to me “no one does their own multisampling.” I’ve been deep in the land of synthesis lately, so I can’t serve as the exception. How about you, dear readers: are you creating your own multisamples, or are you leaving that to the professionals? (Some of you ARE the professionals, I know — that doesn’t count.)