By architectural music, I don’t mean some sort of funky digital installation. David Byrne’s new installation uses the pipes, metal beams, and girders of the Färgfabriken space in Stockholm as a musical instrument. It is definitely an installation (though the curator tries to say it’s not): there are automatic blowers forcing air through pipes, motors vibrating crossbeams, and solenoids (mechanical devices for, well, hitting things) striking the columns.

But David Byrne’s installation is as notable for what’s not there as what is: no amplification involved. All the circuitry is exposed. It’s basically just a building, controlled by an organ. And you get to play it — cool. Come at 6pm to hear the former Talking Heads front man speak, then come back at midnight for the party. Anyone here from Sweden? Let me know how it goes!

Playing the Building [Färgfabriken, Description, photos, curator comments, opening party]

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