[Updated: Had the wrong record label — it’s not Muti, it’s Pretension. Though Pretension is also cool.]

I asked readers to brag about their work, and, wow, does Cynthia Bruyns have amazing things to brag about:

  • She’s a DJ — check out her mixes

  • She’s working part-time with Apple’s Interactive Media group

  • She’s involved with a really cool electronic record label

  • She’s been busy modeling instruments in 3D

  • The Vibration Lab is a sophisticated 3D modeling app for the Mac that accurately models percussive sounds. (Digitally-modeled cowbell? Not so far-fetched, after all!) See the project page for audio samples. She presented the work as part of a three-member team at SIGGRAPH and recently completed her Master’s thesis on new instruments. And yes, she’s looking at commercializing the technology.

    Still more information:

    Lab Notes: Modeling the Sound of Music [Research from Berkeley Engineering]

    Vibration Lab Models Music [Daily Californian; though see her site for corrections]

    Thanks, Cynthia. Now . . . uh . . . I’ll have whatever coffee you’re having.