So Apple has introduced new video features for its iMac, iPod, and iTunes. That’s great news, and it looks like, as usual, they’ve done a bang-up job. The bad news is, Apple’s pro customers have been more or less in the dark over the past months about a few major issues. That doesn’t mean I expect Apple to mimx pro and consumer announcements — they have a long history of keeping them separate. But let’s review:

  • We still don’t know enough about the Intel transition: Developers and customers alike seem to be almost completely in the dark about what exactly the Intel transition will mean. Switching processors is a tricky process; we need specifics, not marketing speak. Developers are getting test machines, which is great, but we’ve got very little on Apple’s hardware strategy. And the Intel/PPC question has left another important issue in question: will the shift to a truly 64-bit operating system be yet another transition?