The Lemur multitouch control surface is as much about software as it is about hardware, and the folks at JazzMutant and Cycling ’74 have been hard at work updating that software and making it work effectively with more applications. Think better MIDI support, Ableton Live control, and new tutorials on exploring sound and sequencing. Thanks to updates to the JazzMutant site and a 1.2 firmware update for the hardware, the Lemur now boasts:

MIDI compatibility: It’s now easier to scale and generate MIDI data from the more complex OpenSoundControl data piped out of the Lemur.

New object physics: The Lemur’s quasi-magical use of bouncing on-screen objects, programmable with attraction, oscillation, and other features, have been revised in the 1.2 firmware, with more updates on the way.

More templates: The redesigned Jazz Mutant website now has a workshop section with tutorials. Some probably won’t surprise you (exploring granular synthesis in Max/MSP), but others might (using Lemur as a Star Trek-style step sequencer, or to control Cubase SX and Ableton Live 5).

By the way, if you’re in Santa Monica, California this Saturday, Cycling ’74 will have a workshop at the Apple Store. Say hi for us, and let us know how it goes.


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