Well, it seems there’s some confusion over how Guitar Rig 2’s interface works. Previous versions of Guitar Rig sent control data from the foot pedal as audio signal, a system that caused more complex configuration in some hosts and, honestly, wasn’t terribly popular among users. Part of what’s cool about the new Rig Kontrol 2 that ships with Guitar Rig is that it sends both audio (from your guitar) and MIDI (for control). With audio input/output, you don’t need a separate audio interface (though if you really want one, of course, you can use it). Their audio interface is designed for low-latency performance.

For additional clarification, CDM chatted with Native Instruments’ Tobias Thon, who is in sunny L.A. while NYC is drowning in heavy rains . . .

PK:The new Rig Kontrol 2 doesn’t use audio for control like the original, does it?

TT: Yes, the new Rig Kontrol sends its parameters over MIDI and not as audio anymore.

PK: Why USB2? Looks like a pretty simple 2 in / 2 out?

TT: USB 2 gives better latency than USB 1, especially with the special low-latency driver that our engineers developed.

PK: Will it ship with Guitar Rig, or will you have to purchase it separately?

TT: It will be included with the regular Guitar Rig 2 package. You will also be able to buy it seperately if you own Komplete 3 (which has the Guitar Rig 2 software included).

There you have it. And as usual, you knew almost as soon as I did. Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for this thing to show up in my apartment to cheer up sleepy, rainy days like this one.