Playlist, the iPod DJ club — and Playlist, the website, no relation — both take on the Numark iDJ iPod DJ mixer:

Hands-on Numark iDJ Review by DJ Lisa Rocket, resident at the Playlist Club in London

Numark iDJ Review by yours truly for

Incidentally, everyone who goes to Playlist, the Philly and London club, has a fantastic time DJing with iPods. Partygoers bring music, people who’ve never “DJed” before in their lives mix music, there’s judging, and everyone has a ball — see the photos. That to me is the ideal market for the iDJ, and not surprisingly organizer Lisa (pictured) loves hers. But if you’re not running an iPod DJ party, do you want a Numark iDJ mixer?

DJ Lisa Rocket concludes: “The Numark iDJ is much easier to use than a traditional iPod DJ set-up, it delivers better sound handling capabilities, looks like it’s come off the USS Enterprise, allows me to mix and record sets…. and I for one definitely want one now.”

My Playlist review has the headline: “iPod-focused DJ mixer is unique but ultimately disappointing (thanks to limitations of both the iDJ and the iPod itself). 2.5 / 5.”