Video is increasingly part of performance, and you’ll notice the major VJ hardware makers — Roland/Edirol and Korg — also happen to be musical instrument manufacturers. Roland and Edirol are even building in automatic communication between their keyboards and their VJ hardware, from low to high end. I think video will increasingly become part of what digital musicians do; many of the VJs I know double as musicians (myself included). I had to cut VJing from my upcoming book Real World Digital Audio for space reasons, but Keyboard Magazine even has a regular live video feature.

That said, would you rather see video stuff on a separate site, with updates at least once a week? Anyone interested in co-editing a site? Those of you uninterested in video, would you rather not have to deal with the regular VJ posts on CDM? Comment here or email me. If I did a site, would be focused on interactive media and video for performance — no Final Cut Pro editing here, thanks.