That time of year is upon us: two wonderful things, shopping, and receiving toys. So, while I normally start thinking about Christmas after Thanksgiving, I now come to you. Why should you submit your own ideas to CDM’s upcoming holiday gift guide?

  • You’ve seen something cool, and you want to evangelize it to your fellow readers.
  • You’re a developer or product maker and want to pitch your product. (Come on, don’t be too humble.)
  • You can send what you want to receive to me, then show your significant other / family member our gift guide as a not-to-subtle hint. (That’s my favorite reason.)

  • Fire away — either use comments (sorry, spam was getting thick so I had to turn registration back on), or email me.

    By the way, CDM’s holiday present to you: a newly redesigned site that fixes all the problems that we’ve had, looks purty, and gives you more content and features. Coming soon.

    Other Holiday Gift Guides: By the way, pick up the December Keyboard Magazine for a great gift guide. Okay, I’m partially biased by the fact that they have my book Real World Digital Audio in there, but also by the fact that I want half the stuff they list, okay? -PK