You’ve officially lost your excuse for being out of tune. Thanks to the wonders of modern science, you can now tune with your:

  • iPod, via iRocker
  • Mac/PC guitar effects software using tools like the built-in tuner included in Guitar Rig
  • 4-track digital recorder thanks to Korg’s D4
  • Portable audio recorder using the built-in tuner included with Edirol’s R1
  • Widget using the Mac/PC Konfabulator widget Guitar Tuner

  • Now, on top of all these options, you can pocket Fender’s new US$19.95 keychain guitar tuner, too. (You’ll be able to start up your El Camino and tune your guitar with a keychain. Plug in a guitar cable (via minijack, it looks like), and tune away. Compared to some of the other options, this one is pretty bare-bones: it only tunes E. (Fender helpfully suggests fretting E on your other strings, if you hadn’t already figured that out.) But as a stocking stuffer, this can’t be beat.

    Fender speed-E Guitar Tuner, via Gizmodo via Distortion That Rocks

    Hey, by the way — Distortion That Rocks is a really cool guitar blog, completely free of my “We Are the Computers” / pro-keyboard bias.