To our American readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone else, we’ll be having an extra slice of pumpkin pie for you.

Synthesizer lovers, yes, you can find Thanksgiving music arranged for synthesizers. God Bless the Internet.

But Thanksgiving has another deep significance for us at CDM: it’s a celebration of lip-syncing. Or, at least, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade sure is. (New Yorkers have taken to calling the whole thing the “Macy’s Day Parade,” for an insight into our mentality. You don’t want to be around for Duane Reade Day, let me tell you.)

Best thing about the parade: lots of keytars! Long live the keytar! And don’t forget, it’s not too early to try to get your marching band into next year’ parade in NYC.

With that, Happy Keyta– Macy’s D— Thanksgiving Day!