Cakewalk’s SONAR 5 has been getting some rave reviews in the press, but if you’ve been having issues with the upgrade (particularly with MIDI functionality), you’ll want to check out the new 5.0.1 update. Cakewalk says the update “addresses numerous customer reported issues.” That includes many improvements to stability and consistency, including:

  • CPU meters now accurately reflect CPU usage
  • Various mute tool fixes
  • Various inline piano roll fixes
  • VST adapter fixes

  • (Thanks, Eric!) It’s not all bugfixes; new features include 64-bit file import/export, improved punch recording functionality, and enhancements to meter and track peak display. 32-bit only; anyone out there on a 64-bit machine running 64-bit Windows? Watch for a SONAR 5.0.1 review here soon, but if you’ve already got 5, go download that patch.