Electronic musicians can be forgiven for dismissing the Korg OASYS for its sticker price. But this is a keyboard that’s worth a look even if you’re not in the market to buy. Why? It’s a model of sound design, representing the specs Korg’s best had dreamed of for a decade and a half, it’s a demonstration of why Linux will have a big role in future embedded devices, and it gives insight not only into future (and more affordable) devices from Korg, but from other hardware and software makers alike.

On O’Reilly’s Digital Media site, helmed by the awesome force that is David Battino, I got a chance to go behind-the-scenes with Korg’s “luxury” synth. The folks at Korg had a lot of insight to share — and they don’t think you have to give up your cheaper gear yet. Read on for more:

Inside a Luxury Synth: Creating the Linux-Powered Korg OASYS

Korg Adds Physical Modeling, Software Upgrade to OASYS Synth
Synth Designing Dream Job: Korg R&D’s Dan Phillips