The folks at Fervent Software have released a much-requested download edition of their tweaked Linux music distro, Studio-to-Go. Basically, it’s the same as the CD version, only you can get that instant gratification feeling. More importantly, Fervent is working on a Linux audio forum — much needed, as even modern desktop Linux can raise questions for newbies (it is, after all, an unfamiliar OS to many of us).

As we’ve mentioned before, Studio-to-Go is a turn-key solution for Linux music, preloaded with major music apps like Rosegarden (sequencing / recording / notation) and even support for Windows VST plugins. (Check their tour of the program.

Cost: GBP44.99
Compatibility Any PC

Why pay for Linux? Well, you save a lot of time tweaking an installation, setting up software, and managing dependencies. In fact, unless you count GarageBand pre-installed on Macs, there’s really not any other OS that includes all the music software you need. I’m still guessing many people won’t be brave enough to take the leap to Linux, especially without favorites like Ableton Live or Reason or more serious notation software. But if you’re using Linux, give us a holler. And other than Fervent’s, do you have a favorite distribution? (i.e., a free one?)

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