The life of a mobile musician one can be a trying one: you always wind up with a few extra pieces of gear that don’t quite fit in your bags. That’s why, even if you don’t own any Moog gear, the new Moog multi-purpose gig looks promising. Thick foam dividers and shell keep your musical toys safe, there’s an extra side compartment, and you can throw the case over your shoulder for all your extra effects and soundmakers. Most importantly, the dividers can be moved around with velcro for packing different gear.

Sure, you could raid your local camera shop for something similar, but then you wouldn’t have the Moog logo. And it’s just US$59. Deliveries start January 1, so if it goes on my gift guide, it’ll have to be for Orthodox Christmas / St. Nicholas Day. (Or my birthday, January 13.) Pic of the innards after the break.

Moog Multi-Purpose Gig Bag [Preorder from]

In other news, this is CDM story number 1,000! Woo-hoo! Watch for our best stories of 2005 once we get near New Year’s Eve.