Zebra2 Super Synth Coming; Cross-Platform, Dreamy Feature List

Urs Heckmann is a prodigy of plug-in development, so when he sends something new, we pay attention. And in a world of a look-alike synths, Zebra2 does seem to qualify as “new”: a next-generation “wireless modular synth.” Didn’t quite get that? Think four joystick control, multiple sound-making techniques, massive, graphical sound sculpting and more:

Holiday Gift Guide: Music and Books

Looking for gifts for others, or yourself? Or a way to drop hints about what you want? CDM is here to help. Next up for digital musicians ready to give and receive: music with a conscience, and books worth reading, many suitable as stocking stuffers.

Peter Kirn - December 7, 2005

O’Reilly Reviews MicroTrack USB Recorder, In Depth, In Maui

Musician and author Mark Nelson tries out the highly anticipated M-Audio MicroTrack recorder for O’Reilly Digital media. Mark takes the test seriously, actually heading out into the field (Maui) and recording with it. (See Hawaii, above. Now why don’t I get to do a review like this?) The verdict? The recorder isn’t perfect: no real […]

Peter Kirn - December 7, 2005

Digital Musician Holiday Central

Peter Kirn - December 7, 2005

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