If I ran a giant blogging empire like Weblogsinc or Gawker, I’d have to pimp my other sites right now, like “Here’s the hottest news from the Facial Tissues Blog” or something. I’m glad I don’t have such an empire, because instead we can waste productivity looking at this great stuff:

Tiny Tot Synth Lovers: More from the start ’em young department: Synth recommendations at 18 months [Music thing], and circuit bending at age 6 [Get LoFi] . . . previously on CDM: 3 year-old DJs, child keyboard prodigy

I Want My Synth TV: Theremin videos [Theremin World], BBC Alchemists of Sound documentary [Get LoFi], and in my favorite Web cartoon, Strongbad gets a Key-Sword-Tar [Matrixsynth]

A Very Thereminy Christmas: Like CDM, Theremin World is in a holiday mood with a Christmas tree ornament, and John Waters performing holiday songs with Theremin

But Wait, There’s More! GetLoFi spots synths with tires, and Retro Thing honors the Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Synth and suggests cheap bookshelf speakers.

Go forth, my children, and make sure that all of us become blocked domain names on your company’s network.