I can never get enough holiday cheer (especially as I adjust to cold weather and short days), so here, all in one place, is a running tally of all the gift guides, music suggestions, and technical discussions of synchronized Christmas lights on CDM.

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Digital Music Picks from Femalemusician.com

Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute Digital Musician Gear + Games

Holiday Gift Guide: Music and Books

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift Guides on the Web

Holiday Gifts: Ableton Nerdbag Laptop Bag, Reviewed

Holiday Gift Guide: Moog CD + Soundtrack + Apparel

And Related Cheer . . .

Video of Music-Synced Christmas Lights; How to Do It?

Theremin-y Christmas: Theremin World has a Christmas tree ornament AND John Waters performing holiday songs with Theremin, two things I seriously don’t expect to top here.

A Very Moog-y Christmas And Other Vintage Holiday Albums

By the way, if you think I’m over-the-top here, just you wait for my St. Patrick’s Day Green Synth Spectacular.

You think I’m joking?