Readers sent in so many ideas for gifts that I’m still digging through them; watch today/tomorrow. But here’s the latest from some of CDM’s favorite sites. And if your favorite gifts didn’t make the cut, there’s still time to email me / hit comments.

Music thing Gift Guide (pictured): Just in case your wallet escaped the first time, Tom is back to do more damage with goodies from the blogosphere. Some of my favorites are quite affordable: t-shirts, Dubstation plug-in, and a pipe organ you can make out of paper.

Make’s Mostly-Under-$100 Gift Guide Our favorite DIY magazine weighs in on (mostly) affordable gifts. Of course, a Make subscription is a great idea, but be sure to ask for their suggested soldering iron so you can start building your own synths!

Gawker’s Gizmodo / Kotaku Gift Guide: Wild gadgets and gaming goodness. And, of course, my suggestion that people go get a music keyboard.

Got a gift guide of your own? Post it on your blog, and then send me a link; if I like it, I’ll update this list!