It seems Dave Bryce of Dave Smith Instruments couldn’t wait until next month’s NAMM trade show to confirm the existence of the DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard, which he did yesterday in a thread on Harmony Central’s User Forums.

Those pining for a modern version of the Sequential Circuits Pro One are about to get their wish. BT already has. Look on page 21 of the December Keyboard magazine and you’ll see what at first appears to be a vintage 3-octave mono synth, complete with obligatory wooden end caps. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see a familiar looking blue panel.

No word yet on the specs or price but it doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict that it will have the same mix of analog and digital hotness that its namesake Evolver does, now with keys and a plethora of knobs for tweaking. If DSI can manage to deliver this for the rumored under $1,000 US, it will have quite a hit on its hands.

Photo as posted to Harmony Central forum:

Ed.: I have to admit, Lee caught this way before I did. He spotted this in Keyboard and made just this guess before the story showed up on the forum. Music thing notes the price should be $1199 — meaning it would hit around $1000 street. Lee and I should be meeting with the Dave Smith folks next month in Anaheim. Provided they don’t go all Apple on us, of course. Stay tuned. -PK