I’m still looking for scientist and engineer types who could make use of National Instruments LabVIEW for sound synthesis (I know they’re out there). The superb MAKE: Blog passed along that info, and got something else: synthesis using circuit simulation software.

A reader on MAKE: Blog is apparently simulating sound synthesis circuits using University of California Berkeley’s SPICE program, which awkwardly stands for Simulation Program Integrated Circuits Especially. See the SPICE documentation for more, or a related project called Ngspice. Pictured: Ngspice running on Windows, though you can compile this stuff for Mac, your spare Solaris box, whatever. (That SPARCstation in your garage has been looking for something useful to do, right?)

Hmmm . . . producing sound in circuit simulation software? Sounds like a great way to test your homebrew synthesis circuits before you build them. But now that we’re treading extremely geeky waters, drop me a line and let me know if any of this means anything to your work. Or if you’ve got an applicable Spice Girls joke.