It was only a matter of time before the features of virtual software amps hit digital hardware, resulting in what could be a perfect practice amp:

  • Multiple amp models: Clean, crunch, overdrive, whatever you need — in one hardware amp.
  • 11 digital effects: Multiple effects, and even tap tempo for modulation/delay time. Included effects: wah, chorus, compressor, delay, reverb, phaser, and combinations.
  • Multiple inputs: Guitar in, yes, but also an aux in (for an MP3 player, computer, etc.) and even a mic in.
  • Portable, powered: Runs on an AC adapter or six C batteries, and weighs under 8 pounds. How, you ask? The speaker is a tiny 6.5″.
  • Line, headphone outs: Plug in headphones and you defeat the speaker. Yep, this works well as a practice amp.

  • There you have it: you can leave your laptop or heavy amps at home and practice anywhere you like. Don’t expect any big sound out of the speaker, but having different amp models and effects could make practicing more fun.

    Street price: US$140. Better add that to our Holiday Shopping List! And what’s more hilarious than using an amp as a stocking stuffer?

    In other amp news, it seems to be amp week over on Harmony Central: Vox also has a traditional (non-digital) amp with a “classic British tone,” bass players can drop $2800 on a bass amp, and best of all, the Hottie toaster amp with a custom auto paint job is going to be available this month. That’s the toaster you use for breakfast, not some kind of special “guitar amp” lingo — see CDM: Advances in Toaster Music Technology