Last month, we looked at an upcoming all-tube synth from the twisted minds at Metasonix, as shown at a tube expo. We heard 2006 for launch at US$2500 or thereabouts.

CDM reader Michael Weeks is busy writing the user manual for the synth (aka the S-1000). Result? He’s got a prototype. Michael lets us in on the details of this peculiar beast:

A full multi-part demo, with all synths the S-1000, and all drums processed through the waveshaper and filter:

S-1000 Demo [MP3; click play icon for live playback via]

Also in the directory, there are several other demos of more extended tweaking, just single patterns, or pattern chains, from a future retro mobius with live knob tweaking. And there are some other demos of just the filter section, as it is the same circuit being used in the TM-6.

And, of course – mandatory synth pron – some nice close-up, arty photos of tubes!

Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Closeup 3

Thanks as always, Michael!

The demo certainly delivers on low-fi strangeness. Now I just want to try one out in person — maybe at the upcoming tube expo across the river in New Jersey this spring? I’m guessing this is one better tasted live.

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