Like many, I’ve been eagerly anticipating trying the ultra-compact Faderfox “micromodul” controllers. They’re small enough to fit over the QWERTY keyboard on a laptop or to be propped atop a music keyboard, and are specially designed for applications like Ableton Live and Traktor DJ. With multi-function triggers, joysticks, and cross-faders on top of the usual buttons and faders, they’d appear to cover all you need to do. But while I knew the designer was planning a second generation, regular visits to his site (including one last week) didn’t prevent me from missing the announcement.

Today, Mathias tells CDM some good news:

They’re shipping worldwide this time (last release was Europe-only), with US retailers expected.

Prices will be about the same with a slight price increase. Last time around, they were EUR179 including tax.

Availability: February / March

Also new: various accessories including a slick aluminum case for porting them around. Yes, they’re MIDI rather than USB, but with MIDI ports sprouting on audio devices, USB control surfaces, and USB music keyboards, I hardly imagine that will be a problem.

Incidentally, looks like you might be able to snag a discontinued model before they run out.