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In 2006, we’re compiling our own list of audio and music software, plug-ins, and drivers that have been updated as Universal — containing code that’s optimized both for PowerPC Macs and the new Macs with Intel processors. With this list, Mac musicians can keep track of which software will run best on the new chips. We’ll also link to compatibility coverage elsewhere and to additional reporting on the new machines and their performance.

You can help! Developers and readers should contact us at a special email address with any tips on software updates or other features:

intel (at) create digital music (dot) com

There are already a fair number of resources available (including new drivers from MOTU), just in case you’ve just purchased a new Intel iMac. Expect more complete information after we poll manufacturers at the NAMM trade show. Here’s the current list:


Apple GarageBand 3, part of iLife 06 (announced at Macworld Expo, now shipping)

Due in March 2006: Apple Soundtrack Pro, Apple Logic (Pro?), other pro apps (announced at Macworld Expo), US$49 crossgrade

Sound Studio: Sound recording and audio editing tool with AU support (via)

Sonama Wire Works RiffWorks: Guitar jamming and online collaboration software, due Q1 2006 (see hands-on reports from CES in January 06 and Music Player Live in October 05


MidiPipe: Freeware MIDI power tool for routing, mapping, filtering, converting, and inputting MIDI messages (via)

AudioExpress: Simple audio recording tool with iTunes sync and iSight support (via)

Hardware Drivers

MOTU announced plans to ship drivers for all its USB, USB2, and FireWire audio interfaces by January 31, available on its site.

Additional Resources

VersionTracker MacIntel list (note that while VersionTracker is very complete for general Mac software, they often understandably have only partial coverage of music and audio software and plug-ins)

This list will be continuously updated.

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