I’d already heard that Universal Audio, makers of fine DSP hardware for computers as well as vintage analog reproductions and other DSP tech, was going to be pairing up with someone big at NAMM. That “someone big” has turned out to be AMS Neve Limited, who have made some of the most famous signal processors in history. You’ll be seeing those running in emulated form on Universal’s UAD-1 system, a DSP card that sits inside your PC or Mac. Universal says the first will be the Neve 1073 Equalizer. (Audio buffs are already drooling, but suffice to say this would be like me getting to Anaheim and being able to rent a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II for $18 a day from Budget Rent-a-Car, instead of a Hyundai Accent.)

Hope to know more once I catch up with Universal. Add this to Roland chorus and echo classics and Cambridge EQ, and the UAD-1 platform is starting to really heat up, especially for vintage lovers.