USB has arrived in the sound world. Just ask Neutrik.

For those of you not in the know, Neutrik is the major manufacturer of sound connectors. Their brilliant XLR/TRS combination jack, finally allowing you to swap mic and guitar/line cables in a single jack, is so popular that most people call it simply a “Neutrik” jack.

Now they’re adding USB. Maybe I’m crazy, but there’s something satisfying about the industrial metal design of this sample I brought back from the Anaheim show. It makes me want to get 7 more and build a USB hub / patch bay for all these USB keyboards and triggers proliferating in my studio. Anyone got some great design ideas?

Also in “breaking connector news,” for anyone who cares: XLR connections that are more resistant to noise and interference, and fiber optic connections that are more resistant to dirt, meaning they might even work here in Manhattan.