Okay, Sony PSP owners: get ready to make still more noise. We’ve just seen another major release for the superb PSP Rhythm 3 drum machine. Now, get ready for a PSP sequencer: PSP Seq Ver 0.00 has begun development with basic sequencing functionality all in place. Features are bare-bones — song and sound design functionality is yet to come, among other things — but given the rapid maturation of other PSP creations, this could be good news. We’ll be watching. Thanks to CDM’s redesigner and logo creator Nathanael Jeanneret, who has further thoughts on his blog.

Seq 0.00
, as created by Ethan of dsp music

And has been widely reported this week, the 2.60 PSP 2.60 Firmware has now been hacked, so you, too, can run this stuff. A copy of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City is required, but I assume you bought a PSP for a reason.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo DS doesn’t seem to be getting the attention of homebrewers, but oldskool Game Boy is another matter; I notice even Nanoloop again seems to be available again in both GBA (2.0) and original Game Boy (1.3) versions.