Free Online Lessons in Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Theory

When the Web isn’t sucking away your time with utter silliness, it could be helping you brush up your musical chops. Here’s a roundup of useful resources, all of them completely free, for a variety of skill levels, whether you’re trying to learn to play with half-diminished chords or build yourself a DIY drum trigger […]

Tutorial on Breaking Free of Synth Presets

Being an electronic musician is doubly challenging — on top of learning musical skills, the technology is basically an instrument to be learned. Regular CDM tipster Michael Weeks has put together what has to be the most condensed guide to synthesizer programming I’ve ever seen. Beginners, if you aren’t quite ready to dive into a […]

Peter Kirn - February 23, 2006

Ableton Live 5.2 Beta: Mactel Support, Bugfixes, Live 6 in Q3

Okay, Ableton lovers, Berlin has been busy again: Live 5.2 is in beta now, with a final version set to ship next month, including bugfixes and Mac Intel support. Around the corner, Live 6 is due in the third quarter of the year, with improvements Windows users will care about, too. Here’s a look at […]

Peter Kirn - February 23, 2006

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