Digidesign has promised Intel Mac versions of Pro Tools LE and M-Powered by May. Naturally, they’ll be testing that software, and last week sent out a call for testers of the new release. [via]Note that this is LE and M-Powered only, because Apple hasn’t yet shipped Intel Macs with the PCI slots required by TDM/HD systems. Unlike Live 5’s public beta, this is a limited beta, but good luck getting on the list.

Here’s the question: have any of you gone out and purchased an Intel Mac yet, either an iMac or MacBook Pro? People have been asking me how performance is as though I know. (I don’t, and I’m quite happy for the moment with my dual G5 tower, kickin’ it oldskool with the PowerPC!) I’m editing our Mactel software watch now, but my general inclination would be to hold off on purchasing for a few more months: unless the only software you use is Logic Pro, you’ll want to leave time to get not only your main apps ported, but all your favorite plug-ins, too. If you do get one of these machines, please, send us your reports. (No unboxing pictures, thanks — how about a nice Live benchmark?)