Don’t knock physical faders: they work. And with proliferating options, somewhere out there, there’s a control surface for you. The latest candidate: Codanova’s new VMX, yet another control surface for self-powered use via USB or standalone MIDI operation. 59 assignable controllers, including 2 jog wheels, a cross-fader, and various faders and knobs. The jog wheels are a nice touch, and the controls look promising as far as quality, particularly the ergonomically-shaped crossfader.

I asked creator Gilles Moncaubeig for some advice about where to buy this. In Europe, you can buy from R-Digital,, and Mix Experience. It’s even on an store for 389,00 EUR. In the US, opt for Mix Experience as they will ship from Europe to our shores.

Sure, these new-fangled touchscreens are fascinating, but I can still do a lot with physical faders for a fraction of the price (and with my eyes closed, something that can’t be said for the touchscreen). Got a control surface you love? Hit comments and let us know.

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