DIYers, ready to dive into multichannel and streaming audio? nSLAM is an open-source suite for creating your own streaming, multichannel audio applications. Sample apps (like the one shown below) and online help are included to get you started, and the “jimmies” low-level DSP objects have been broadly updated in this release for the geekiest audio gurus. It’s free, and it runs on Mac OS X and Linux. (Some of the underlying objects have been compiled for Windows, too, but apparently not the full release. Presumably you can compile for Windows if you need to; not sure there.)

The latest version of the environment runs in the free Pure Data programming environment, but a fully updated version for Max/MSP is on its way, too. (It’s always nice to me to see folks supporting both — keep it up, gang.) I’ve heard good things about the jimmies, which go back over a decade, and this project in general. I finally have a piece to try them out on, so I’ll report back!

This terrific free project comes to us by way of Canada’s Society for Arts and Technology. It’s enough to make you shout “Go, Canada!” watching the Turino Winter Olympics, eh?