Moog synths are known for the prevalence of knobs that scream, “reach out and tweak me,” and the latest versions have enough memory to hold a whopping 896 presets. So why would one need a software/editor librarian?

Perhaps because it’s still easier to move presets between banks on a computer than with the LCD on the face of a Voyager. The just-released Version 1.5 allows individual presets or entire banks to be organized through drag and drop while connected over MIDI, greatly simplifying preset management. You also get immediate access to EDIT mode functions like Pot Mapping, Touch surface Destinations and Filter Poles that require a trip through the menu system on the Voyager itself. And the “Genetics” function, which can morph one preset into another to produce random presets is only available in the software.

For $80, the software is a no-brainer for Voyager users that use a computer.

Moog Voyager Editor 1.5 Mac
Moog Voyager Editor Windows

Got a Korg instead of a Moog? In other software editor news, I see via Music thing that Korg now has a Mac version of their MicroKorg editor. So it’s just, like, an editor/librarian bonanza for Mac users this week. -Ed.