I’m flattered to share that multitalented musician MikeB reviews my book, Real World Digital Audio, and interviews me about the book and this site on GarageSpin:

Interview Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music

New Book, Real World Digital Audio, Rocks (His headline, not mine, but thanks, Mike!)

The book is now actually hitting shelves. (I wrote earlier that it was online, but brick and mortar distribution took much longer.)

I don’t like talking about myself here (really), so if you want to hear that, head to Mike’s excellent site! More importantly, if you aren’t yet reading GarageSpin, it’s one of my favorite sites. It’s one of the few blogs that effectively covers not only music creation, but online promotion and distribution, all from an artist’s perspective. MikeB’s resume explains part of the reason why: in addition to being a musician and producer, he’s a digital media veteran of RealNetworks and the Harry Fox Agency, among others. And he’d probably make a great interview, though I’d better wait a while, or that would just look weird.

Better idea: we’ll all get together in NYC, and New Yorker area dwellers, you’re invited. More on that soon. Until then, thanks, Mike; you don’t know how nice it is to connect with people after the long, solitary writing process. Pictured: a very comforting sight after over a year on a book (ask any author).