Bored with MIDI keyboards and ready to build something new? Here are some of the latest resources for using basic sensors to create new interfaces for music and other applications, aka “physical computing”:

Interactive Architecture Tutorials: Ruairi Glynn’s superb blog on interactive tech has added an extensive section of links to tutorials and resources on the topic. Some will be familiar to regular CDM readers, but it’s a good overview if this is new. I took the liberty of suggesting a few of my favorite links. Thanks, Ruairi!

Tim Place’s favorite sensor links: Tim of ElectroTap knows a thing or two about sensors — ElectroTap makes the Teabox, a cool computer-to-sensor interface, and a line of sensors. Tim rounds up some new links for sensors, including one of my new favorites, SparkFun.

Make Mag Primer: Tom Igoe, a physical computing guru at NYU, writes a primer on sensors for issue 5 of Make Magazine. You can expect more on this stuff in future issues of Make. Check out the links at the address here.

Pictured: An interactive glove from Sensor Wiki