Being an electronic musician is doubly challenging — on top of learning musical skills, the technology is basically an instrument to be learned. Regular CDM tipster Michael Weeks has put together what has to be the most condensed guide to synthesizer programming I’ve ever seen. Beginners, if you aren’t quite ready to dive into a book and want a lunchtime refresher, this is perfect. More advanced users, now you have a quick link to give those beginners — and I suggest skipping down to item 6, “Chaos as structure”, for some CDM-friendly tips. The site also features a new tutorial on miking electric guitar. That’s MusicPlayer(S).com, not Great work, Michael.

To me, you really can’t have enough good resources for learning. As I’m in the process of learning OpenGL coding in Jitter and interactive animation in Flash (oh yeah, it’s tricky), I’m relying on a) the Web, b) books, and c) real human beings. None of those three are easily replaced. So I say, bring it on, both free online resources and print and in-person learning.