My God, it’s full of knobs.

The Audities Foundation is a not-for-profit we can all get behind: their preservation is the “preservation of electronic musical instruments and associated documentation for use in museums, recording studios, modern instrument research and new music/dance/film works.” (So they’re saving these things for us, right?)

Most importantly, via Analogue Industries, we see that their new website is an extraorindary catalog of musical instruments. You’ll find Buchla’s unfinished Magic Flute, the tape playing M-1, precursor to the Mellotron, recording goodies like the 1974 Helios Recording Sidecar and an Echoplex tape echo, Martenots, new instruments, old instruments, acoustic instruments from Bosendorfers to guitars, and more. Talk about depth: not only are there three different Mellotrons, but there’s a massive tape archive of Mellotron and Optigan tapes.

All this gear porn on the new site is nice, but I’m going to keep my eyes out for more info on activities, grants, and residencies. I mean, who wouldn’t want a sabbatical here?