Sometimes I forget I’m dealing with Moog Music. Apple wanted to dig through the email accounts of websites republishing specs of a rumored audio interface it never shipped. But Moog? They’ve basically said, oh, whoops, we accidentally leaked specs, and have nicely provided official confirmation on the front page of their Website.

Basically, what you’ve got is what we predicted: a mono synth with everything you love about Moog’s musical instruments, at a budget price. (The price was ommitted from the official space but is rumored to be around US$1500.) Two genuine analog oscillators, classic modulation and filters including the legendary Moog ladder filter, CV and MIDI control, and 37 keys.

So that’s it; story over, nothing more to tell? Not yet. Next week we look forward to bringing you some images of this new instrument as well as some additional details not covered in the currently-published specs. Wednesday March 29 is the date Moog will go public.

It’s also comforting to note this one detail on the Moog site: this instrument was something Bob Moog envisioned. I think it’s likely the last instrument to bear his name with which he was closely involved. So, whether or not it’s something you’ll be putting in your studio, it’ll still be great to see it — just as it’s always great to see new ideas from creative designers, including the lesser-known hardware and software visionaries whose musical inventions we use. That’s my answer to anyone who claims this stuff is over-hyped.